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How to get fanart/gift art.


DISCLAIMER: Before I get into this I want to mention that I don’t believe existing in the art world specifically to get gift/fan art is a good or even healthy idea. All this will do will breed insecurity and unhappiness. Just draw for you and try to make some friends along the way. None the less I had noticed a few posts regarding this and I figured I’d share some of my musings on the topic.

1: Create a drawable OC
The title is a bit of a vague one, but it’s the main element for this. When I say “drawable” I don’t mean “make a ref for a character and they will come”. No I mean do not expect to draw some mismatched, cog, scale, gem laden character and expect people to feel inclined to ever draw it. Some MIGHT but it’s rare that difficult or complex OCs get drawn. I’ve seen it, but I see the simpler OCs far more often. Take mine for example. I have quite a few OCs and the only one people draw is Elorae. Because she’s simple, but creative enough to catch someone’s eye. (Less is more)

2: Draw your OC (more than once)
That’s right. Draw the OC you hope people love as much as you enough to draw something of it, more than once. Again I’ve seen the rare occasion where a one-off character takes off like wildfire and turns into the creators flagship character. But your best bet is to familiarize your audience with the OC.

3: Make your OCs findable!
Seriously. Don’t hide them! I cannot tell you how many times I have wanted to surprise someone with some gift art to experience finding who their damn OC was akin to the search for the holy grail. And many times I have just given up altogether. Make a folder/tag/arrow/wacky-inflatable-arm-man pointing in their direction. Give them distinct names and be sure to use the name each time you even doodle the damn thing. Don’t ever assume everyone knows.

4: Do gift art for others
AGAIN let me mention I do not suggest doing “loaded” gift art. Don’t, don’t, don’t. It’s really disheartening and I can guarantee you the person will pick up on that. HOWEVER, when I say “do gift art” I mean in a way that gives the impression to fans/watchers/passerbys that you are also interested in giving. If all you do is draw for yourself (and if you do, that’s fine) don’t expect tons of art flying at you. The above rules may have gotten you something, but I can guarantee if you show a tendency to gift others as well people will want to return the favour.

5: Don’t beg 
This is never taken well. And rarely works.

6: Last. Be friendly
Seriously. Just be friendly and genuine and you’d be surprised what happens for you in life beyond this.

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See what your followers think of you.


BLACK = I would date you.
GREEN = I think you’re cute.
BLUE = You are my tumblr crush.
GREY = I wish you would notice me.
PURPLE = I don’t talk to you but I really love your blog.
TEAL = We have a lot in common.
YELLOW = I don’t know you at all.
ORANGE = I don’t like your blog.
BROWN = I don’t like you.
PINK = I think you are unattractive.
RED = I hate you with a burning passion.
WHITE = You scare me.


(Source: omgreblog)